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The Design / Build approach offers an alternative to the traditional method of Design-Bid-Build. With Design / Build, the Contractor and Architect and Engineer work cooperatively to serve the project Owner.  The Owner, Contractor, and Architect / Engineer work as a TEAM to Design and Build a project that meets the Owner’s expectations.

Cost control on a project is most readily achieved early in the design process. With Design / Build a project cost is established early in the process as soon as preliminary drawings are ready.

Through positive interaction and a focus on solutions, the construction process is more efficient and productive. Delivery time of a completed project is generally shorter using Design / Build.


Advantages of Design/Build Construction

  1. You receive early cost input from the contractor. A price is put on conceptual design ideas as they are developed. Maximum cost savings are achieved this way.
  2. Time can be saved because construction can begin before the design is completed. Example: Architect could be completing interior design while the site and foundation work is underway. This technique is called FAST TRACKING (see graph below)
  3. Change orders are eliminated unless owner adds to the scope of work or the property has unforeseen site problems.
  4. Architectural and engineering fees are kept to a minimum, and determined from the beginning
  5. Chances for misunderstandings are minimized with the TEAM approach.
  6. You get the best ideas from your TEAM members due to the cooperative TEAM spirit
  7. Realistic completion dates are established by the contractor who will do the work