Construction Concepts, Inc.


Construction Concepts, Inc.At Construction Concepts, we understand the difficult and often cumbersome process of design and construction. Your time is valuable and your business requires you to take care of your customers. Construction Concepts acts as your single point of contact for your general contracting, design/build, and construction projects, so you can focus on your business, knowing you have CCI’s expert staff managing all aspects of your project. Construction Concepts has developed a 3 phase process that guides you through the design and construction process and helps you make investment decisions along the way. If you have future plans to build a new facility, expand your existing facility, or repurpose an existing facility, our process takes your initial concept and makes them a reality, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investments. Here is how it works:

In order for you to make the decision to invest in a project, it is important to understand the financial impacts and whether the project cost justifies the desired results. The goal of phase I is to provide you with this information without making a significant investment prior to knowing if the project makes sense. Below is a list of deliverables you will receive at the completion of Phase I:

  • Conceptual design to include floor plans, elevations, and site plan
  • Governmental investigation identifying all requirements and costs
  • Project investment summary to include, design, governmental fees, and construction cost
  • Detailed construction estimate and scope of work for the project +/- 10%
  • Preliminary entitlement, design, and construction schedule
  • Bound professional package of all items to use to acquire financing


Additional deliverables if requested

  • Investment performa
  • Land acquisition assistance
  • Fund raising support

Upon completion of phase I our Owners have all the information needed to make a decision to move forward with the project and start phase II. Phase II includes the detailed design of the entire project, the required entitlement approvals, and the building permit submittal and approval. CCI hires and contracts all required members of the design team and manages the overall budget for the project as it is being designed. It is important that the initial project design stays in line with the initial project investment projections. Below is a list of deliverables you will receive at the completion of phase II:

  • Governmental entitlement approval design & engineering to include: civil engineering, landscaping, soils testing, traffic and environmental studies, architectural elevations, and exterior building materials selections. This design work is often not required for renovations that don’t impact the exterior of the facility or the use of the building.
  • Detailed construction design and engineering to include: architectural design, structural, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection engineering, required code studies, furniture, and equipment design
  • Required public hearings
  • Required planning and zoning submittals and approvals
  • Building permit submittal and approvals
  • Construction estimating at 3 different levels of completed design
  • Construction contract negotiation & execution
  • Detailed project scheduling

Phase III is the construction of the project, project closeout, and warranty of the project. Phase III will usually start before the completion of Phase II in order to expedite the completion of construction and use of the project. CCI recognizes that in business, time is money, and the completion of a project is directly related our Owner’s ability to start producing income with their new facility. Below is a list of deliverables our clients receive during and at the completion of phase III:

  • Project bidding to achieve the best pricing throughout construction
  • Detailed weekly scheduling
  • Monthly overall project scheduling
  • Project safety management
  • Monthly budget reporting
  • Building inspections
  • Quality control management
  • Weekly or Biweekly owner project meetings
  • Detailed document control to include: monthly billings, requests for information, product submittals, change order management, subcontract management, and meeting minutes
  • Project closeout quality review
  • Operations and maintenance manuals
  • Warranty execution and management

Design Build Experts

CCI has perfected the design build process for our clients and we are proud to call ourselves “Design Build Experts” in our industry. The process outlined above has proven to be hugely successful for our owners as shown in our several testimonials. At Construction Concepts our past clients are our best sales people and we encourage anyone looking at CCI as their experts to call on our Owners to describe the amazing process we used to take them from “Concept to Reality.”